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Let’s face it, many of our manufacturers can’t afford the time or staff to send to conferences or training events.  So we found a way to put 150 battle tested manufacturing experts in the business.  All delivering short videos on manufacturing excellence.

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There are also plenty of technical training resources for manufacturers- so we focused on providing resources where manufacturers sometimes struggle most… the business.

From from over 500 videos such as inventory management, mental health, how to build a continuous improvement culture, cyber security and how to motivate your sales team… our most popular video is:


So how do we help associations?

A “ready to go learning platform” that you can integrate into your systems seamlessly.

Your brand.

Your data.

Your reporting.

Your infrastructure.

Manufacturing Masters is offering a new and refreshing way to access manufacturing expertise, on demand and in real time. It provides an opportunity for EMC members to optimize learning and expertise, to solve problems, create new opportunities and be more competitive.
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Detailed real time data reporting on your efforts:

  • Know “what” your businesses care about in real time.

  • Support data for funding future projects.

  • Develop a clear understanding of industry trends

Connection to your manufacturers 24/7:

  • Not only can you sign up all of your businesses, staff and board… you can also sign up all of your manufacturers “employees”.  This means that as an organization, you are becoming more sticky to your businesses and not just getting the “champion”.

  • You can also “share videos” outside the organization to generate more connections or add a video of the week
    to your regular communications.

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Commonly Asked Questions:


How do you find your experts?

We ask associations and manufacturers for recommendations.  We interview the expert and make sure they have “been there done that”, and they are a good fit for the platform. This is Kim Wolf.  She has six videos on preventative maintenance.  Kim is the former plant manager for Energizer Battery and Campbell’s Soup.


Why are the videos 5-8 minutes long?

This is what our users asked for.  They don’t have time to leave the business and they need “quick answers”.  We usually sequence the videos in categories… so if they can afford the time, they keep watching. Trucking company arriving this afternoon to discuss increasing their rates?  Well here is Chris Nadeau to help you prepare.


But we already have our own local experts… how does that work?

Simple.   We have 31 film crews in North America.  We can record the experts you want and add the experts you need.


How are other organizations using the Manufacturing Masters Platform?

Reporting to their funding partners. Planning for future events and projects. Lead generation to stay connected to their businesses. Sharing videos if they are asked specific questions by members (how do I…..)


Won’t it become stale?

Nope. We are adding new experts all the time. Based on requests and new partnerships we are always recording and interviewing new experts. This is Andy Erickson, former production manager at Boeing, discussing the role of the “new team lead”

The people of Manufacturing Masters are 'outside of the box’ thinkers and provoke a fresh mindset toward the situation at hand. They have recently completed work for our organization and the quality, messages and feedback has been second to none. I look forward to the next opportunity to tap into more abilities!”

Joan Richard

Operations Manager

Maritime EMC

Such an honor to join the other Manufacturing Masters to deliver important and actionable content to manufacturers. Implementing strategies in the aftermarket will help you grow revenue and market share.

Kristina Harrington

Genalpha Technologies

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